Collective Domain Affiliates Return?

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How it all started and why things are as they are

In 2007 I finally made the decision that for Christmas I wanted a domain and a hosting package so I could own my own website, something I have been wanting since I was about ten years old. Later on I purchased another domain, one which was come across on by a fanlisting owner, and that is where my journey of fanlistings began.

The domain was purchased on February 3, 2010 from NameCheap with the intentions of replacing the very similar domain Tilted Halo was finally opened for public viewing on February 22, 2010 and has been the home of many different fanlistings since.

I also own the domain, purchased back in June 2009. The domain was my previous fanlisting collective, then was on a stand still as I decided whether or not to keep it, then it sat when I chose to renew it. Now it is being used to host all of my Naruto fanlistings.

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