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Without these resources, Tilted Halo would be nothing

No one deserves a bigger thanks than my best friend and boyfriend Pj. Back when I first started fanlistings, he was there for me. Encouraging me, helping me graphics wise, giving opinions and criticism. And to this day he is still encouraging; there to support my hobby and offer up the best advice he can give. I like to think he plays a huge role in the reason why I am better, and why I have confidence in myself and my designs.

I'd to thank all of my friends that might have helped me with design problems, donated a design or tons of codes, and simply was there to encourage me and give me advice. I would like to thank Shukaku, for she got me into fanlistings and hosted me for the longest time, and has been the biggest source of website help from the beginning. As well as Misaki, for hosting me now and getting me all set up nice and quick when I needed a host quickly. ♥

Resources: Image | Textures | Enthusiast | CodeSort | KIM Admin

Content, graphics, and Tilted Halo are © Manda. Sesshoumaru and InuYasha is © Rumiko Takahashi. All information, images, and resources are © their rightful owners. Hosting provided by Misaki.

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